What We Do for Musicians

by Stephen Ornelas on Sep 12, 2022

What We Do for Musicians

What We Do for Musicians



Groovy ToeJams is a sock company, but we LOVE staying groovy with music!


Musicians are some of our favorite kinds of people. We love their creative


expression, rebellion against the norm, and great style. So what exactly do we do


to support musicians?


This is what we do for musicians,

  • Musicians get featured on our website.
  • We send out promotions for them in our product packaging.
  • We promote them on social media. 
  • We have playlists featuring their music on Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming platforms.
  • Stickers with their brand logo or album covers are sold to help promote them.
  • We host concerts where featured musicians get to perform, and it gets featured on our social media!
  • We make T-Shirts with them!
  • And more coming soon... 

So what do we do for musicians? Long story short, we give musicians a platform


to grow their publicity. Are you a musician looking to be featured? We also help


musicians get started. Our platform helps all kinds of musicians get into stardom.


After all, around 90.7% of musicians are undiscovered.* Groovy ToeJams helps


musicians get promoted! We do this for musicians because we believe in the


power of music, art, and creativity. Our groovy socks do the same! So whether


you're an artist looking to get help from an awesome company, or you want some


cozy creative companions for your feet, Groovy ToeJams is for you!



    *According to the article, "If you're a musician, chances are you're undiscovered"

    by MusicTimes

    Important Disclaimer: 

    Groovy ToeJams does not make indie musicians pay us in any way unless they


    voluntarily become our customers by purchasing products on our store. Example:


    Our Featured Musicians want to buy socks on our website for fun. 

    We try our best to develop a system that brings the most benefit to indie


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