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Groovy ToeJams is a sock brand that promotes small music artists and brings free expression through fun and cozy socks.


Let’s face it, we live in a fast pace world and most people will not slow down to see what is around them. It has become increasingly hard for indie artists to thrive in this environment. How do we know this? 

Anni Weber, the founder of Groovy ToeJams, comes from a music background. She saw the struggles firsthand and became inspired to create Groovy ToeJams. 

As an indie artist in Los Angeles, Anni realized that many young musicians were struggling to balance a 9 to 5 job with their music or art career. 

We all start somewhere, and unfortunately, most of us have to go through this struggle before we find our big break. 

Anni wanted a way to help these artists so that they could continue to chase their dreams. After all, dreams are only worth something if they come true. What better way to support indie artists than to offer them a platform that will truly promote their careers?

Groovy ToeJams is much more than socks. We allow indie artists to create their own socks while promoting them and sharing part of the revenue. This allows our artists to place focus on their careers while generating some passive income. 

So, when you choose to buy a pair of Groovy ToeJams you are supporting independent artists and musicians who are trying to make it in this fast paced world. We not only share revenue with our artists, but we also promote them on our website and social media outlets. 

We do crowdfunding and have a yearly concert for our artist to share their music with others. In addition, we have several playlists on Spotify and other streaming platforms that feature our artist's music. 

We all have a common goal to keep art and music alive while getting some kick-ass socks to support the foundation of our life. Your feet are important and foot care often gets overlooked. That can all change with your purchase of Groovy ToeJams.


How do socks and artists connect? They connect in a way that you may have not realized. Sometimes in the business world, you have no real say over your dress attire. You have to look the part every day. 

However, your socks are the one area where you do have some freedom. Let that freedom be embraced with Groovy ToeJams. Your socks will then become a talking point during business meetings. They may even help you connect with potential clients and help you secure the deal. 

Our novelty socks are sure to make you and everyone around you smile each and every day. You can share the story behind Groovy ToeJams and feel good about the fact that you are supporting indie artists around the globe. 

Our musicians do not pay a fee to partner with us. This means that they are getting a passive income without having to put a lot of time or money into promoting our brand. We give to art because it gives so much back to us. 

Technology is great but people do not stop to smell the roses anymore. We cannot let art die and our brand and vision are to give hope to indie artists that they will become discovered and live out their wildest dreams. 

We connect musicians, music lovers, and sock enthusiasts. 


We have an uncanny appreciation for socks, and t-shirts, simplicity, and minimalism; art, and communication.

Our Fearless Leader


Anni Weber is the founder and President of Groovy ToeJams. Anni happens to be very passionate, generous, and very adventurous. 

Anni is very high-spirited and that shows in her entrepreneurial principles: freedom, love, and sincerity. 

It’s hard not to be excited when around Anni, she is infectious in a good way and that energy is expelled in everything that Groovy ToeJams does. 

Anni can easily get her employees motivated and excited to work for such an amazing cause. 

Customers are elated with the product outcome and continue to come back for more. Artists appreciate the love and support and are proud to be part of Anni’s vision. 

 "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." – Albert Einstein

Mission Statement

It is really hard to shine in the music industry, especially if you have no connections. With no connections, you are a needle in a haystack. This industry has a dog-eat-dog environment that can oftentimes feel toxic. 

Groovy ToeJams has created a positive platform for artists to come together and promote their careers. Our platform allows artists the chance to get to know their following and appreciate their support. 

We can partner with small market artists and provide them with a revenue stream that cost them absolutely nothing but provides them with the growth they need for their careers. 

Not only are we attempting to change the music industry by pairing retail products like socks and t-shirts with bright, positive, and up & coming Indie Musicians, but we are working with them to grow their base, and build out their brand.

Company Goals

Groovy ToeJams strives to build a positive community for artists to grow their following while generating a passive income. 

Our foundation was created on positive vibes which are interpreted into art and crazy jam sessions.

Our goal is to help indie artist reach their goals while building their brand and enjoying some funky footwear. 


The old saying goes, “It takes a community to raise a family.” That may be true but it also sometimes takes a community to help a budding artist launch their career. Here at Groovy ToeJams, we have created a positive community. 

We not only offer an annual concert for our artists to be part of, but we also help promote them in a variety of ways. This includes sharing them on our social media outlets and doing in-depth interviews with them, which you can find in our podcast library. This allows you to get to know the artist. Sometimes a back story can help you connect with the individual and appreciate their music even more. 

We invite you to join us on our social platforms to keep up to date on all our exciting events and new artists. 

Sound Off

We are passionate about art

When we go to Jam Sessions or Host Live Music Concerts, you can feel the energy, inspiring our team, our cause, and positive energy going out into the crowd. We live for these moments. 

But you can also find us quietly painting or showing our socks off at Movie Parties. 


Meet Our Super Team

Groovy ToeJammers all over the nation have come to rely on these four superheroes to provide industry-leading leadership, support, and customer relations. It is easily the case that they have each made their own unique roads into legendary tomes of GTJ history and lore.

Anni Weber

CEO & Founder
Anni cares about customers' happiness more than herself. Ok, ok, I know It sounds cliche, but I'm sure she sincerely means it. As Groovy ToeJams' product manager, Anni believes that customers satisfaction is always the brand's reputation.  

Nathan Haiden

Nate is a photographer, Cellist, and all-around good-natured guy. He loves nature, systems, and, most of all, people. You can find him in a studio, on a campsite, in the woods, or dressed to impress. His skills are many.

Stephen Ornelas

Director of Marketing
Stephen is an autodidact and a tenacious marketer who dives in and gets his hands dirty. He is exceptional at providing a one-man-marketing team. Stephen is a fun, transparent and humble person with 20+ years of E commerce experience! 

Eliot Stephens

Social Media Manager
Eliot is an insightful and creative Social Media Marketer who strives for excellence and is always at the top of the curve. Ask him something in Russian or check out his watch on any given day. He's got style and loves coffee.

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