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Groovy ToeJams' first indie musician concert was hosted on July 16th, 2022 in Glendora, CA.  Along with our musician of the month, Adryelle, L.A-based folk singer-songwriter David Spitzfaden and Rock band HighFlight Music gave a high-energy show. 

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How Future Concerts Happen?

Step 1.Recommend Musicians To Our Team
Each month, the Groovy team selects indie musicians to make personalized socks of them. You can recommend your favorite musicians to us, we will reach out to them for you! 

Step 2.Pre-order musicians' Socks
A percentage of sales from each musician-themed sock pre-order goes to the funds for the next in-person concert! 

Step 3.Next Concert Starts 
When the final pre-sale goal is achieved, the upcoming concert will be announced, organized, promoted, hosted, live-streamed, and published by Groovy ToeJams. 

We support small musicians, 

How can you support us? 

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