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7 Cool Funny Socks You’ll Find In Our Store

1. Bikers Cozy Socks, featuring Black bicycles on a white background surrounded by gold and black bicycle spokes, chain images, and solid colors. Our Bicycle Cozy Socks are in style regardless of the season. Made from 80% cotton, 15% polyester, and 5% spandex, as are all of our socks.

2. If you need fun women’s socks, you’ll want to take a closer look at Central Park Squirrel socks from Groovy ToeJams. Socks feature a cute squirrel with an acorn on pleasant fall colors dappled with acorns and leaves. Central Park Squirrels are perfect for everyday wear.

3. Get the word out that harvest time is just around the corner with our Corney Corn Crew Socks featuring a juicy ear of corn and bite-sized pieces of corn, onions, and radishes. Pick up two or three pairs while they’re on sale.

4. If you’re a seafood lover you’ll want to sport our Seafood To Go pattern socks with pink crabs and shrimp, seaweed, and a shrimp-colored background with seafoam accents. Wear them deep sea fishing or out to dinner when you’re in a 'see food, eat food' mood.

5. Show off your love for artwork with Van Gogh Oil Painting Socks with Van Gogh’s own portrait highlighted on one leg while colorful sunflowers, pines, and moons decorate the other. Expect great things when you step out of the door in your very own Van Gogh socks from Groovy ToeJams, our top-selling colorful men’s socks.

6. Toucans and Leaves Pattern Socks are covered in colorful Toucan birds and tropical leaves across a green and orange background. If you’re crazy about birds and hate the thought of leaving home without your feathery friend alongside you, our Toucans and Leaves socks will allow you to bring the rainforest along with you.

7. Everyone loves the timeless look of tie dye materials and now you can wear Tie Dye and Plaid Socks when bicycling, jogging, or taking part in your favorite activities. Our mid-calf socks are the most fun socks in Nashville- take advantage of our current sock sale and save on your next order.

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